As a builder in Tunbridge Wells, a common call to receive is from a slightly panicked homeowner who is putting their house up for sale and has just just had a chat with the estate agent who has pointed out some problems with the exterior of the home that need fixing.  These problems might involve anything from roofing services to timber treatment and renovation services but are crucial in preparing the house for sale.

Making the Exterior of Your Home Ready for Sale Tunbridge Wells

The roof

Starting at the top, the roof is often something that needs a little work but rarely to the scale of new roofs and entirely replacements.  By calling roofers in Tunbridge Wells to take a look at the condition of the roof, you can find out if any repairs are needed. 

Another key area to have checked while doing this is the area known as the roofline.  This is more visible from the ground that the roof itself and a roofing contractor will tell you that these elements are just as crucial as roof tiles and flashing around the chimney.  These are things like the fascias and soffits that cover the area where the roof joins the walls and stops water getting in.

Guttering and downpipes

The guttering around the house is both a highly essential part of weatherproofing and a part of the look of the property.  Guttering collects rainwater and sends it to the downpipes which deposit it in the drainage system.  It is a key part of getting water away from the property and preventing problems like penetrating damp.

Guttering can easily be blocked by leaves or other debris that stops it doing its job.  This can also look messy, cause stains or even make the guttering sag.  Companies offering services around roofing in Tunbridge Wells will be able to clear the guttering and make sure it looks smart.

Exterior of the house

Next, take a critical look at the walls of the house, the window and door frames and any other exterior features.  These are a key part in that crucial first impression and you want them to work for you.  Many companies that offer painting and decorating services will also offer exterior painting so if you have rendering that needs painting, this is an easy solution.

Painting window frames and door frames will also improve the appearance of the property.  Don’t forget things like porches as well.

Garden and fencing

Lastly look at the landscaping around the house, especially at the front.  If you have a front lawn, is it mowed and smart with nicely finished edges?  Do the borders look tidy and are weed and leaf free?  Consider how the front garden looks to people arriving at the house and make changes to improve it if needed.

The same applies to fencing, gates and other boundary markers.  Would they benefit from a coat of paint?  Do they open smoothly and latch again afterwards?  And if you have a drive with no fence, ensure the drive is smooth and clean with no oil stains or missing stones.

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