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Many of our houses have timbers within them as structural elements.  Most of the time, these are hidden away behind the plaster.  The loft is one place that the wood frame of the building can often be seen.  When you are adding to your house or undertaking renovations, it is worth looking at the timber in your home and if you need timber treatment in Tunbridge Wells this is one of the services offered by A D Bannister Roofing & Building Ltd.

Timber treatment Tunbridge Wells

Our Services

  • Timber treatment services
  • Help with renovation work for existing timber
  • Ensure new timber structures are treated
  • Comprehensive building services
  • Roofing services also available

Timber treatment services

Timber treatment services can be applied to existing timbers in the property but also to new structures that are being added and have timber at their heart.  Our timber treatment service is designed to cover both these situations and ensure that your home is in top condition.  Timber is often at the heart of problems such as wet and dry rot or woodworm and that’s why checking it and ensuring it is treated as needed is a key part of building upkeep.

Help with your building needs

Our timber treatment service is just one aspect of the building services we offer.  If you need help with renovating your property, painting and decorating or work on the roof, we can help.  We offer roof repair and full roof replacement as well as work around the roof area such as cleaning and fixing guttering and the fascias and soffits around the roofline.

Whatever work you need, give us a call.  All of our quotes are free so there’s no reason not to have a chat about the things you think need doing or the projects you want to undertake.  We can give you a competitive quote that is personalised to what you want and your home.

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