The roof of your home is one of the most important parts of the weatherproofing system.  It keeps the rain, hail, snow and wind out of the house, works with the insulation to keep heat in and finishes the appearance of the property.  Caring for the roof can be tricky due to the heights involved and often mean you need roofers in Tunbridge Wells or wherever you live to help.  But what are the basics that any roofing contractor would say are needed to care for your roof?

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1. Annual maintenance

Top of the list is annual maintenance.  There are lots of variations of roofing Tunbridge Wells including slate, tiles and flat roofs.  The one thing they all have in common is the need to have an annual check to spot problems.  While most roofing materials are long-lasting, and you are unlikely to suddenly need a new roof, regular checks help prolong that lifespan and ensure the protection is comprehensive.

2. Inspect after severe weather

Any experienced builder in Tunbridge Wells will tell you that one of the top reasons their customers need roofing services is due to severe weather.  Sure, renovation services sometimes lead to a new roof but most of the time, the damage comes from the weather.  So after a period of severe weather, try to check the roof or get someone to visit and do it for you to make sure the weather hasn’t caused a new weakness.

3. Look after the guttering

Guttering is about more than just stopping you getting dripped on when you walk under the house.  The idea of gutters is that they propel the water away from the house, through the system and into the drains.  This is important because if water pools somewhere, it can find or create weaknesses and get access to the house.  As well as ensuring that guttering is clean and working properly it is worth having someone who offers external painting and decorating services check that any rendering on the house is solid and unbroken.

4. Check the loft

If there is a problem on the roof, the loft is the place where you are most likely to spot it.  Those little flashes of daylight are not a good sign and will often mean a broken tile or other roof damage.  This lets water in and before you know it, you need timber treatment because dry rot has set in.  So a regular check in the loft is an important part of keeping the weatherproof system working smartly.  Also, check that the loft insulation is solid and working well as this helps keep down costs for heating the property in the winter.

Work that pays off

 There’s no doubt that any money spent on the roof of your house and the surrounding elements pays off.  By ensuring the roof is in top condition and can handle what the weather throws at it, you protect your home and everything that is inside it.  Protect your roof, protect your family!

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